Tiny Projects

These are small projects and utilities I've written.

  • s3grep This is an overly simple command to scan files in AWS S3 for lines matching a search query. It hacks S3 Select to find lines in a file that contain the search string. Currently a proof of concept.
  • serv A simple static file server. Can serve up multiple static directories, as defined by a simple JSON string. Written because "python -m SimpleHTTPServer" is sometimes too slow.
  • url mover A simple Chrome extension to redirect URLs based on a set of rules.
  • expander Defines a sort of macro-like language that can run any language in a text file and output the expanded result.
  • csv.py A robust, but not very fast, token-based CSV parser written in python. Built as an exercise. The goal of this project was to be able to parse strange CSV documents with odd edge cases. For example, cells in double quotes with newlines interspersed. Most standard library CSV parsers don't support this.